Head to toe carving: the eyes

I'm always rattling on during workshops that folks should use their whole body when carving. Now I'm not proposing you strap a carving axe to your head and run like a bull at chunk of cherry; that wouldn't do at all. No, what I'm saying is that carving is about so much more than your… Continue reading Head to toe carving: the eyes

Australian wood & spoon carving

Crash helmets fastened securely under your chin, body armour in place, knuckles wrapped, force field operational and a damn sharp axe in your hand. Yup, we're off to carve some spoons from Australian trees. We have trees on this island, lots of them, about 5500 native species. To put this in perspective, the U.K. for… Continue reading Australian wood & spoon carving

Just go

Today I saw a woman crying in the doorway of an empty shop. I didn’t linger or offer a hand as somebody was already there. As I passed I heard the woman sobbing that no one will ever love her. Only moments before I had brushed past a collection of dazed individuals. None of them… Continue reading Just go